World Cup 2018 Pool Selection

Soccerstuf is glad to have made a temporary exit out of Hong Kong where the 2017/18 FIA Formula E Hong Kong Grand Prix is taking place at rocket like speeds. We don’t need that type of noise, we don’t need that type of beauty cluttering up the Central Pier on Hong Kong Island. We are reporting live from Thailand where we continue to pursue the beauty of soccer and why it is the world’s game. We are expecting shortly to hear the selection of the Groups from the 2018 World Cup pools and hopefully there’s no Group of Death when these pools are put into their respective groups.

Unfortunately for Asia, and in particular Thailand,  who as a favorite did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In fact the best chance by most experts for success out of Asia is not Australia, but Iran.  Australia is not in great form and this is not one of the best teams. No one expects them to meet thier 2014 results.

Either way the reaction of the Thai people should be interesting to see. This is a crazy, high-energy city with lots of life. I don’t know how much reaction these announcements will generate from the people here.  Much like in Hong Kong, there is plenty of energy and none of it seems to be driven by the passion of soccer which is the underpinning for the reputation of soccer as the world’s game.  Maybe this was just a poorly planned trip by the staff here at soccer stuff but that doesn’t mean we didn’t learn it just means Asia is obviously not the leading driver of this world’s soccer madness.