Will Ferrell, Mia Hamm, and the LAFC Debut in April

In April of 2018, the MLS gets an addition to the Western Conference in the form of a crosstown rival to the LA Galaxy, the Los Angeles Football Club, minority owned by Will Ferrell, Mia Hamm, and Magic Johnson.


With apologies to the drones in today’s government shutdown meeting, my mind drifted off to wondering whether this behind the scenes celebrity lineup can draw sustainable attention to American professional soccer.  The short answer is No!  However below I have listed below why the MLS does have a huge opportunity to capture a fickle American audience in mass.

  • MLS has 2 teams in both of the biggest TV markets – New York City and Los Angeles
  • Soccer has two halves
  • The first half ends after 45 minutes

With the facts presented, the opportunity lies in 2 of Americans least favorite academic classes, Math and Geography. Pulling a page from minor league baseball, much of the attraction for families to spend a night at the stadium, is not the game itself but the game festivities.  With the available entertainment star power in both cities, and the very predictable starting time of the Halftime break, soccer can offer the country a stage for grand performances be it music, dance, or comedy shows for that matter.  Much of the audience may be there for the wrong reason, but the goal (no pun intended) is to get soccer on the map and these type of headlines will achieve that.  In short, LAFC could be the first expansion team to save, and not dilute a league.  So Will, Nomar, Magic, and Mia don’t just sit on the sidelines get in the game and make soccer America’s sport.

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