Why the 2017/2018 EPL Season Sucks

Is the 17/18 EPL season over? This is an actual question.Thoughts and comments welcome, but here are mine…

  • Manchester City are 8 points clear of their next closest competition, Manchester United and Tottenham, and nine points clear of Chelsea. Below that, forget about it. Liverpool and Arsenal are out of title contention. Eight/nine points might not seem like an insurmountable obstacle for United, Tottenham, and Chelsea, but the thing is, they keep taking points away from each other and losing to teams they shouldn’t be losing to. My point is, there’s no clear front-runner among them and thus, I think this season has already become a done deal, and it’s now a race for 2nd place.
  • The relegation battle might not even be that interesting. IMHO the relegation battle is what usually saves an EPL season. Who really cares if Manchester City buy their way to their bizillionth EPL championship anyway? But this year the fight to stay in the top flight might not even be that dramatic. Crystal Palace have 20th place pretty much on lockdown at this point, with an atrocious record of 1-1-9 (a total of four points) and no serious threat of undoing any of that damage any time soon. Then you have Swansea, West Brom, West Ham, and Bournemouth kind of bobbing down there in the R-Zone trying to get a food-hold, with Everton perilously close. But I think once we get through the winter, 19th place will have been secured as well.
  • The plight of Everton. To me the most interesting story in the EPL right now is Everton. I can’t help but admit a large part of me really, really wants to see them go down. But that’s just my own Newcastle supporter schadenfreude. I also cling to the belief that Wayne Rooney is an overrated has-been who needs to move on and would love nothing better than to see him — in his triumphant return to Goodison Park — preside over the Toffee’s slip down into the League Championship.