Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-Min

The world soccer scene seems to be dominated by players from continents with smaller land masses or are closer to third world status.  Europe, one half of South America, even Africa seems to produce more talent than the world’s known political powerhouses from North America and Asia.  However we at Soccerstuf believe this trend will be changing.  We also believe that as long as America’s best soccer players spend four of their prime development years in college, being outpaced by comparable peers in Europe’s rigorous development system (think Major League Baseball’s minor league system), Asia will be the first to make a major splash.  Our first drill down into the presence of Asian players in the EPL is Son Heung-Min from South Korea.

Min is 25 years old and played as a forward in his home country.  He is now playing significant minutes as a midfielder on not just any English soccer team, but a team that has wrestled a stronghold into the perennial top 4 of the EPL, the greatest soccer league in the world.  He is a creative, talented, very athletic player.  He has started 6 games and has notched 2 goals, on a team with midfielders lined with household names, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, and Eric Dier.  This man is a talent, probably the most talented of the Asian field currently playing in the EPL, however we will let you the reader make that comparison as we continue our study on the migration of Asia into England.

Thanks to NBC for featuring Liverpool on the showcase Saturday game at 12:30 est., they are true representatives of the beautiful sport, and dismantled lowly West Ham United on their own turf.  Enjoy another week of scintillating EPL match ups and remember to show good form off the pitch.