Sunday EPL games on Telemundo

How is TV watching in the life of this soccer loving cable cutter? Bueno. Why?

  • The NBC owned Telemundo digital broadcast station, 4.3 in Washington DC, gives me a doubleheader every weekend during EPL season
  • I rarely found myself home for more than a half hour during the Saturday 12:30 broadcast
  • NBC chose the worst of the weekend matchups for the 12:30 “free” timeslot
  • This is EPL’s Sunday Game of the Day, including the Spurs vs. Liverpool.  That game gave me a Woody
  • The Sunday 11:30 match ends before the day of rest get rolling
  • NBC is giving us an early Valentine’s Day Gift – February 11th lineup has back to back matches including Newcastle and Liverpool
  • If you haven’t noticed my esteemed colleague’s post, Newcastle is in full depression mode and seems to be running on banana peels as they attempt to avoid the relegation zone (currently tied for 18th and sliding)
  • It’s free! The price of cable has a Beta >1 when compared to over-the-air TV

This article was intended to be one of a persuasive nature to our readers and not a bush-league attempt at gaining sponsorship from our beloved NBC.

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