Shinji Okazaki and why every EPL club needs an Asian player

There has been a clear lesson learned as I wrap up my profile of Asian players in the EPL.  From my trip to the continent of Asia including, Japan, China and Thailand, and through the research of these players, the hard work and dedication that Asia nationals bring to their teams or any endeavor they pursue, will result in success.  For that reason, I emplore you lobby your favorite EPL team owner to invest wisely during the January transfer window by buying Asian.

Let’s do a quick recount of my thread:

Shinji Kagawa – Man U EPL Champion

Ki Sung Yeung – Swansea City becomes long-term resident of EPL

Son Heung-Min – Tottenham Hotspur becomes part of EPL big 6

Maybe the greatest example is Shinji Okazaki.  Okazaki is the leading active Japan national team goal scorer. He is 31 years old and only 5′ 8″. He transferred from FSV Mainz 05 to Leicester in 2015, that year Leicester became EPL champion after ending in 14th place the prior year! Enough said!  This year LC is knocking on the door of the Big Money 6, firmly entrenched in 7th place.

Are these miraculous stories? Absolutely not! Nor would someone of Asian descent claim they are a miracle worker.  What they would tell you is all they can do is work as hard as possible to help make the team better.  What the stories do tell is that without spending big dollars, a club can bring that certain missing piece.  Call it the glue, call it the heartbeat, or maybe it’s just a great example of work ethic.  Whatever you label “it”, that “it” thing is what many of today’s athletes don’t provide to their clubs.

I know that is true in American sports, where we dance after every successful play, jaw with the referee after each call and non-call, and perform at maximum effort for a whole season only in the final year of a contract.  These overpriced players are bad investments because despite their talent level, they bring down the chemistry of a team with their egos, and self-centered approach.  This is why predicted in 2017 that China will obtain prominence in the International soccer scene before the USA.  American players play to earn money, Asian players play to earn respect and respect is exactly what each of the EPL clubs above have obtained after acquiring these team members.


sthat matter  the success they have brought to their teams.