More Frustration for Arsenal

Adding to Arsenals woes (read: the woes of being arguably the Premiership’s most expensive perennial underachieving club), the club has been exited from the FA Cup by none other than Nottingham Forest, who currently compete in the EFL Championship (English football’s second tier).

As my esteemed Soccerstuf colleague Chris says: “The FA cup doesn’t matter.” Sour grapes as an Arsenal fan? Well, if you’re in competition for the Premiership Cup or the Champions League, I think you can say it doesn’t matter and toss it off with a shrug. However, Arsenal is in competition for neither of those at this point. They’re still in the running for the Europa League Cup but if we’re talking about things that don’t matter…

As a Newcastle United fan, I don’t exactly have room to make fun. Then again, I don’t really care. Newcastle United has less than half Arsenal’s wage bill.  I’m frustrated with this team and I’m not even an Arsenal fan. #wengerout


  1. My esteemed, yet novice soccer colleague you forget Arsenal is participating in this year’s Europe League Cup, that’s where they are all in. You are correct the Gunners are out of EPL qualification, but you have to understand the strategy to prominence. Following the leads of Chelsea in 2013 and MU last year, when you are trying to find your stride, marching thru the ghetto of the ELC to qualify for Champions League is the ticket (and worth a lot more money then FA Cup).

  2. I wrote in my article: “They’re still in the running for the Europa League Cup…” if you’ll notice. And P.S. the ONLY thing good about the Europa League Cup is if you win you get an automatic Champion’s League berth. Otherwise…zzzzzzz

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