LIVE from Hong Kong

It has been difficult to find signs of soccer life in Hong Kong.  It is unfortunate that Chinese Super League treats Hong Kong players as ex-pats and therefore have limited opportunities to gain greater exposure and talent.  This lack of recognition and isolation treatment by the mainland is obviously depressing excitement levels here in the smaller island territory.  Additionally Hong Kong is not allowed to have their own super league franchise this is not because they don’t have the financial stability or ability it is just pure heavy-handed treatment by big brother.

I will continue to search the island for signs of soccer life – trinkets, clothes, anything more than just general cleats in the Adidas or Nike store.  It is even rare in the densely populated city life to find people wearing soccer jerseys of their favorite Premier league idols.   I plan to get further details through inquiring with local citizens. These are very worldly people and we have covered other global topics in conversation but it’s time to go one level deeper into soccer stuff.