Football’s Greatest Balls, Vol. I: The Minerva Supreme

This classic football earned a special place in the hearts of footballers of all levels in the 60s, 70s, and 80s but has now, sadly, slipped through the cracks of history and is relegated (no pun intended) to appearing in the odd grainy 70s/80s photo being booted by this footballer or that or, held by Allan John Clarke (active ’63 to ’80) standing on what looks like a practice pitch.

Some say the Minerva footballs had an odd smell. Certainly, these footballs were not long on “creative” design, but this was back in the days when footballs were white and had a roughly similar panel design as modern day volleyballs. Nothing like the fluorescent colored footballs of today, patterned and paneled so they resemble alien spawn more than something that’s meant to be kicked around a football pitch.

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One exception to this seems to be the period of 1979 to 1982 when Minerva apparently manufactured the official Football League Ball, which at that time bore a ride “stripe” of panels across it’s circumference. In my opinion, a valid improvement over the solid white version, but not a color scheme which seems to have lasted long.

Thanks to The Football Attic for background and context:

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