EPL Standings Led by Pounds

I don’t mean the weight of the big dogs in the league, the Magpies are no skinnier than the Blues.  I am letting the secret out, that is right, it’s dinero, greenbacks, cold hard cash is driving the standings in the Premier League.  If I ask you “who is in first”?  Your next thought bubble should be “Who spent the most on payroll this year?”.  Your answer then becomes Manchester City and by the queen’s glory you are right!  Continue that back and forth dialouge until you realize the next 3 teams are predictably ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool and closely nipping at their heals Arsenal.  The only new invite to the party is a not-so-mighty Burnley in 6th place who will surely be escorted out before the first inch of snow appears here in the nation’s capital.

As a short-time Arsenal fan I can’t say I am disappointed with the standings, but it leaves very little hope for the Davids of the world to tell their story among these wealthy Goliaths.  This is one area where I have to give the advantage to professional sports leagues here in the good old U.S.  Every year football fans, outside of the Browns and Lions supporters, really believe they have a shot and they do.  MLB has totally flipped the script on how to win and big-money markets no longer have a stranglehold on the sport.

EPL Gods I plead to you, devise a structure, a premium tax, a subsidy to the first non-relegated team in the transfer market, something that will allow the smaller market teams get on a path to sustainable success.  I assure you it will keep our eyeballs from veering or our eyelids from shutting after Boxer Day matches are played out.