Cadiz Cut Badly by the Barbers of Seville

Cadiz is regarded by many as the oldest civilized city in Western Europe and Cadiz soccer resembles a club to be stuck in medieval times.  A poor showing in the Copa Del Rey against a La Liga stronghold and Andalusia Community neighbor Sevilla. reinforces that Cadiz should continue to toil in the Segunda Liga.

The Sevellistas (The White and Red) came to the port city and shut out the Yellow Submarine and then drags them into the heart of Andalusia to further embarrass them, giving up a meaningless goal in the waning minutes of the second leg taking the tie 4-1.

The lopsided nature of this match is representative of the imbalance in La Liga. When you realize that Sevilla poses zero threat to Barcelona and Real Madrid, how could Cadiz FC supporters ever have hope of challenging in the top league.  And for Spanish soccer fans outside of Barcelona and Madrid, my question to you what is your reason for watching?

I will give credit to the EPL on any given weekend 12 teams in the league, when playing at home, could take out one of the top 4 teams, so at least there is hope.  And it takes someone with poor short term memory to forget that just 2 years ago Leicester City won the Premiership.

Is the only purpose of La Liga to send two uber competitive teams to the Champions League and then watch roughly 16 teams battle for relevancy outside of the relegation zone.  At a minimum, they could set up post season playoffs to somewhat challenge the poorly weighted structure.  Just a novice’s view with a fresh perspective that wants to care more about European soccer.


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