London Stadiums Falling Down

February 21, 2018 Chris 0

Of the 10 professional teams playing soccer in London, (including all leagues and excluding Totts who is currently playing in Wembley) Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is the largest at 60,361, eclipsing

United NU Stands, United MU Falls

February 11, 2018 Chris 0

Enough said? In northern England, Newcastle put together a complete 90+ minute effort combined with some unbelievable saves from their goalkeep at home.

Sunday EPL games on Telemundo

February 10, 2018 Chris 1

How is TV watching in the life of this soccer loving cable cutter? Bueno. Why? The NBC owned Telemundo digital broadcast station, 4.3 in Washington DC, gives me a doubleheader

Who’s Birthday is it Today?

February 10, 2018 Chris 0

Soccerstuf is not becoming Soccersoft, after watching Tom Brady at 40 lead his team to the Super Bowl and play at an elite level all season we are analyzing if

EPL – The Modern Day Spice Route

January 28, 2018 Chris 0

One element of the English Premier League that may be difficult for American fans to grasp is the proximity of the 20 teams that compete for the Championship. For comparison