Arsenal and Newcastle start 2018 on the edge of EPL Qualification Criteria

Although there is no playoffs and Super Bowl, the upper and lower end races make the EPL unique.  As you know from reading our posts in 2017, Grant’s favorite is Newcastle and mine is Arsenal.  So although we are both in a hotly contested race in the same table, we are having two totally different conversations.   My biggest concern with Arsenal being in the chase for Champions League Qualification is ‘when and how will the big 4 lose?’.  The Gunners best chance is to make up ground on Liverpool, they have shown themselves susceptible to midlevel teams on the road, although they have shown excellent form on the pitch in recent weeks.  The Manchester clubs and Chelsea have locked up spots – I’ll bet my nearly million dollar house on that, if you don’t believe me contact me – but read my post from December 20th before you make a poor decision on how to spend you hard earned income.

Grant’s concern for Newcastle staying above the relegation line only intersects with mine because they fear and loathe the second half matchups still on the slate with the Big 4? 5? 6?, whatever you want to label them as they are bigger and better than Newcastle and will be points not earned.  This leaves the Magpies with roughly 12 matches to earn draws and victories against comparable, yet slightly less talented clubs.  Contrary to my prediction at the start of the season, I feel Newcastle has successfully adapted their strategy throughout the season and are now playing a style that is better designed to take advantage of the talent level of their personnel on the pitch.  Halfway through the season I am asking editor permission to adjust, so wait a second, ok he gave it to me – Swansea City you have been chosen.

Have a great 2018 and remember to show good form off the pitch.


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