A Fan’s Notes: Thanks, Men in Blazers!

You cannot get very far into soccer fandom in the U.S. without encountering the Men in Blazers. I myself stumbled onto them when I got engrossed in the 2014 World Cup, which is also what sucked me hopelessly into football fandom, once and for all (the 2014 World Cup, not necessarily the MiB).

I’ve been a faithful listener to their podcast — which you should check out if you haven’t — if not exactly a fan of the T.V. show; I watch clips of it when I can, but in general I never seem to catch it live.

Anyway, I wrote to Roger Bennett a couple weeks back, thanking him for interviewing the author Mohsin Hamid on their podcast. One of the cool things about the MiB is that both of them — Bennett and his co-founder Michael Davies — have pretty wide-ranging interests and you’re likely to find out about other cool stuff besides what’s going on in the football world. So I wrote to them, thinking that — like most times — I’d never hear back from them in a million years. WRONG. They surprised me with a hand-written letter and this nifty blazer patch. Thanks guys! From a faithful GFOP…