Las Vegas to Get USL Soccer Club

August 29, 2017 Grant 0

Las Vegas will be getting a professional soccer club — Las Vegas Lights FC — which will play in the United Soccer League starting in the 2018 season. For those

Inauspicious Start for Newcastle United

August 15, 2017 Grant 0

in·aus·pi·cious /inôˈspiSHəs/ adjective Meaning: not conducive to success; unpromising. “It was an inauspicious beginning to the long and complex entanglement” synonyms: unpromising, unpropitious, unfavorable, unfortunate, infelicitous, unlucky, ill-omened, ominous; unlucky

EPL Starts Today: Leicster v. Arsenal

August 11, 2017 Grant 0

Soccer has the shortest off-season of any professional sports endeavor. Wasn’t it just, like, two months ago we were moaning and groaning over Arsenal FC and whether they should keep